CANAKPLUS has been serving in the sector since 2005 for more than 23 years as accumulation of experience especially in the production and service sector related with satellite systems, it is at the top with its professional staff.

CANAKPLUS has brought new concepts and products to the satellite sector around the world with its R & D studies. The company has shown steady progress and a strong position in the industry.

Professional antenna technology, which has enjoyed rapid momentum since 2005, will continue to grow significantly with significant investments in sectoral R & D studies, increasing its “CANAKPLUS” capital by 1 to 20.

All R & D work in this sector is based on the prosperity and satisfaction of our individual users as the main basis for all sorts of work being done in this sector, and we are proceeding with confidence and pride in our own way with bigger steps.

Our quality is proven by the fact that no negative feedback or complaints and complaints have been received by CanakPlus installations since 2005. We also do not have to prove it to anyone who thinks they know everything in this sector, but in fact they can not or do not want to understand it, because the invention has been uniquely created by us and we have the “USEFUL MODEL CERTIFICATE” for us which grants the right to use patent rights for 10 years. Our product, which is 100% our R&D departments development, gives 100% customer satisfaction on all broadcasting platforms. Realizing value enhancement of our products  is our main objective and policy.

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